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December 26, 2005

Ubuntu on my R51

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After some months having an IBM (Lenovo) Thinkpad R51, I just kept messing around with the Windows XP Home Edition that comes preinstalled in it. BTW, is it the Windows did some thing wrong or I just don’t have anything to do to messed with Windows?!? :P

Firstable I’m affraid to install Linux on it. It’s because of the lm-sensors thing that I read previously can cause your IBM (Lenovo) laptops can destroy forever! I have limited time to read why so back then, but I just kept in mind “no Linux on IBM (Lenovo) laptops!”. And I did that. But then, I read on this discussing about lm-sensors (or to be exact, how bad Jay’s computer was. :P ). It inspired me to test it on my PC, and after that I read that IBM (Lenovo) laptops can be destroy forever if you only run this command on your IBM (Lenovo) laptops. After that reading, it inspired me to install Linux on my R51 and realize how stupid I am for this long time. BTW, it can happen because the chip that IBM used was not compatible with lm-sensors.

After some time, I tried to install Ubuntu on my R51 laptop. The installation went just fine, but I have a worry why I can’t installed the Linux loader, either LILO or GRUB to MBR. It’s because the MBR will made no function of blue button AccessIBM. So I created /boot partition for the installation of booting loader, both as primary or logical and tried to make as bootable flag or not, so the loader can came up for the options of its OS‘s and the AccessIBM still can work. But it didn’t work! OK, I know I can use the Windows’s loader, but I don’t want to do that, I’ll make that as my last resort :D.

Grrr.. I hate that. Then after some frustations came up, I installed the GRUB to MBR, and the AccessIBM function still don’t work, so I just keep myself satisfied (for now) with that, cause I can still go to IBM Rescue and Recovery through GRUB. But to avoid the blue screen of the IBM Rescue and Recovery, try to change partition type of your Predesktop Area to W95 FAT32, which can be done by using fdisk.

#fdisk /dev/hda

Press t, type b to change it to W95 FAT32 on the partition’s Predesktop Area, then type w to write your changes. Reboot, and now we access the IBM Rescue and Recovery. But before you do this, perhaps you should create CDs for recovery from IBM. Just go to Windows, click Start –> AccessIBM –> Create Recovery CDs. You will need 7 CDs for this. It just for prevention if you loose you Predesktop Area’s partition, though you can set “secure” through your BIOS setting to keep this partition untouchable.

That just the beggining, can’t wait to make all my laptop functions to work! BTW, this is my first time using Ubuntu and I just know that there is no root here, just reguler users. *Poor me :(*


  1. Using Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox 1.5 on Windows Windows XP

    Mas… modemnya IBM R51 pake Conexant HSF gak? (Software modem). Kalo iya, berfungsi gak tuh modem di Ubuntu? Di laptopku yang belom berfungsi ya tinggal modemnya aja. Soalnya pake Conexant HSF. Bisa bantu gak?

    Jadi kalo browsing cuman pake LAN doang di kampus. :d

    Comment by adi wahyu — January 8, 2006 @ 4:41 am
    Using Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox 1.5 on Windows Windows XP

  2. Using Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox 1.0.1 on Linux Linux

    Belum nyoba, tapi mungkin bisa pakai fasilitas scanmodem dari

    good luck, kalo udah bisa kasih tau ya? hehe.. :D

    Comment by bn — January 17, 2006 @ 7:17 am
    Using Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox 1.0.1 on Linux Linux

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