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July 9, 2007

My Mountain Bicycle

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This is my mountain bike, a 2006 Wheeler Hornet 40, bought it on May last year. There’s nothing special about this bike, I bought it as a full bike, no customization except the pedals that I changed into a Sun Ringle CNC Octane Mag pedals after a ride on Rindu Alam Track that felt slippery. Powered by a RockShox J4 at front fork, X-Fusion-Shox Glide RL at rear suspension; it’s all coil springs powered, groupset of Shimano Deore, IRC Mibro 2.25 as a rolling resistance on the floor. Though there’s nothing special, I enjoy every ride with this bike, still, thankfully. :)

I ride myself on cross-country or all-mountain tracks not on a scheduled-time, sometime could twice a month or even never, but I tried to discipline myself at least cycling around my neighbourhood or just a bike to work. With my mountain bike, I’ve traveled into many places, not that many really, that never been across on mind and meet some new friends. It’s a big joy to join this community, help each other by not knowing his/her name, share equipments or even a ride by car before getting to the location or just say hello to any strangers on road by bike-to-work-ing. As I said earlier, I’ve ride into some interesting places, not that much though, but following are places that I’ve ever been.

My very first ride was Rindu Alam track. Said very first because I never ride a bike on a mountain or any “serious” track before, even my friend, Mr Hendro Purwanto who has been “force” to company me was sound doubtfull. “Are you serious?” that’s my answer to which track I’ve been before. Hehe.. Rindu Alam track located at Puncak, an all-mountain one with 65% downhills and 35% uphills. Many said to me, especially the ones who think that this track is full of downhill. Well, if this includes you too, you should try it once. :D The uphills are rockin’ man!

Another around-Puncak track is called Telaga Warna track, this a cross-country track with some beautifull sight-seeing around you. Perhaps around 80% is a downhill and the rest is uphill. However, this one half ended onto a road, so you need to be carefull with the cars and motorcycles. Mostly the meeting point, where you can park your cars — which is also the finish line, is Sederhana Restaurant around Gadog, located after the Ciawi freeway. If you feel that uphills are a challenge for you, perhaps you can try ride your bike start from here to the meeting point up there, Rindu Alam or Telaga Warna track. Below is my picture after Ngehe Uphill at Rindu Alam track, nice ha? :D

Then the next place is Jalur Pipa Gas (JPG) track located on Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD). It is a cross-country one. There is a challenge here you could try, called halilintar. It is a U letter to the ground, so you need to uphill fast after downhilling if don’t want to fail the challenge. Ragunan Zoo also could be a challenge track, especially when a race track is being held. Before or after the race you could try the track, a cross-country or 4X. However, whenever the race is over the track is being unmaintenance. So you need to be hurry or loose the chance to try it. :) Or you can try also the University of Indonesia (UI) track located at Depok. Before enjoying their lunch or just ended the sweat, mostly people around there often to play it after some laps. Below is my picture with the guys on some point at Telaga Warna track.

Bogor also an interesting place to ride, you can try to ride on Tajur Halang track. Before getting the starting point, you have two options. One, rent a car through the 13km uphill or ride your bike through the uphill with around 800m after-sea-level as the second option. This track consists of 70% downhills and 30% uphills. And my longest track would be Cianjur track, this track annually organized by local community around there. This track consists of 60% downhills, 35% uphills and 5% is undescrible. :D We start this track by 9.30 AM and finished it by 4.30 PM. This track also been a “different” experience to me, and why, because I met an ex-rock singer, Hari Mukti, that became a Guru (Kyai/Ustadz?) in Islam. The reason why he left the glamorous world is because he thinks that only Allah SWT should be praised one, no him as a rock singer, especially his fans. So the trip itself, besides riding you also learns some religious thougths there. Wonderfull isn’t it? :) Or you can ride on Cikole, Bandung. As I know, two tracks available here, neither a cross-country nor downhill track. I’m down to cross-country here, it’s about 65% downhills, 30% uphills and the rest is undescrible. Some fog might involved here, especially when the rains down. Below is my picture with the guys on some point at Cianjur track, now if you used to be a fan of Hari Mukti, can you guess which one he is? :D

Actually there’s plenty places I never been ride on and these are just a litle number of tracks I’ve ever been, however all the places gave different experiences, new friends and still want to ride more. My next challenge will be triing to ride from Sederhana Restaurant, Gadog to Rindu Alam or Telaga Warna track which is to fix my perception about uphills. Wish me luck. ;)

Note: All per cent available here are represent my own opinion, no real accounting attached here, and counting start from the starting point — the ones we start to pedal it. :D

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