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February 27, 2006

Why Smoke?

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After I read this, I have a big question, why do most people like to smoke? BTW, congratulations to Andry who tries not to smoke again (are you still this way? :D ).

I don’t have to tell the good (?) and the bad effects of smoking and also I’m not talking about pros or cons of smoking. Just wondering, that’s all.

This is my story when I was about 5-7 years old. At that time, I was invited to my neighbour’s room and they asked to smoke. As a naif boy at that time (perhaps still until now), I can’t say “No”, I just said “Yes” to what they called it as a candy. I smoked it, and perhaps as can you guess, I coughed after I sucked it deeply.. :)) and to release the cough I was offered a drink and they gave me a coffee and I still cough beside release it. How cruel they are to a nice and handsome kid like me.. hiks.. hiks.. :((

Between 7-12, when a comic book, KUNGFU BOY, famous at that time, I made a pledge with my brother (not in a blood family) not to smoke forever. I sticked to that promise, even until now. Firstable I think that pledge will not be forever, perhaps my brother already forget about it. But then, after playing football, on the way he drove me home, he said that he already broke that pledge. Wow.. he still remember the pledge we made together, since then I try to respect that promise. Although between that time, I make a self-stupid-experiment with my handmaking cigarette, I rolled a piece of a paper and burn it as if it was a cigarette. And also I like to smell and taste the filter of a cigarette, it taste sweet to me.. hehe.. weird huh? But not anymore since I got caught by my mom about my stupid experiment..hehe.. After that time, I never touch a cigarette anymore.

I also have a friend who don’t smoke before the project that we handle together, PON Palembang. Perhaps because of the pressure of the project, he started to smoke (but why he choosed to smoke? does it helps to release stress?). I regret his decision about that, and he said, as I can remember, he will stop after the project. But after I met him after the project he still smoke.. Oh, I think he will not stop that soon and I wonder does he still smoke until now?

I tried to investigated my brother (not in a blood family) who smoke. I asked him, why do you smoke? He can’t answer my question, he don’t have a reason to do that. So, why do you smoke then? But then he answered that he smoked because of his friends. Environment is still a factor here. One side if you smoke, you can get along with them, meanwhile if not, you’re a weirdo. Quite a reason, though if you have a principal that you have a reason not to smoke, I think they should understand it. That’s what friend are for, right? BTW, what kind of reasons are acceptable to smoke?!?!? :D

For health reason, perhaps you all know the effects. For friendship, you can find another friends who can understand you that you don’t have a reason to smoke. For financial, you must spend at least 200.000, Rp a month (equal to US$20), it’s a lot ammount of money, especially if you’re a student, though it’s not acceptable too if you’re working. For releasing stress, are you sure it can release you from a stress? It just about habit, I guess (and I don’t believe it can) to release stress, you can find another thing to release stress. So because of what are you smoking? I still wonder the reasons why people smoke. Please tell me.


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    Maybe, phsycological effect that smoking may enhace the way we think.

    Anyway, quit smoking is bigger than life for me. So yeah, I clean now.


    Comment by andry — March 2, 2006 @ 11:40 am
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    Siapa Menyusul?

    Pengakuan! Saya seorang perokok berat yg telah menjalin hubungan mesra dgn rokok selama lebih dari 15 tahun. Yaa … dulu saya memulai merokok di usia yg sangat belia. Saya nggak akan nulis ttg berbagai macam bahaya rokok, saya nggak yakin…

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