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September 24, 2007

LinkCommander, more than a bookmark manager

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I never thought before that it would be that hard to manage internet address (URL/Uniform Resource Locator) bookmarks. I must say I’m not that smart to manage bookmarks or to be precise I like to keep them in mind, especially when the URL has an unique name or just remembering the big keyword on the page and Google it later. But then, I realized that I can’t keep up like this forever besides the time that needed to find it again along the jungle called Internet.

One or two I can keep the bookmarks into the built-in bookmark manager that comes within the Internet browser. However, when the bookmarks come in plenty and too lazy to make it organized it will be another difficult for me to find the right links. Because of that I need something to get this thing done. Before I found Link Commander, sometime; especially only when I remember, I used to do import – export browsers’ bookmarks, but this doesn’t work that easy. One time I needed to reinstall or fresh-install the Windows immediately and I forget to import the browsers’ bookmarks, as you can predict, maybe, it will become another problem in the future. So I need to do this automatically into software that can manage the bookmarks into a file that I can save into another hard disk partition I have and that’s the time I got this Link Commander.


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