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January 8, 2006

Inspirations of the day

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In the last couple of days, luckily I’ve met several people who’s always on the news. Start from I Made Wiryana, Bona Simanjutak of ICTcenter, Yuyun and Donny BU of ICTwatch and Romi SW of IKC. Meeting with them was such a great pleasure to me, though I just chat with the first three.

Though just chat a litle while, I get a lot of inspirations from them. I enough heard of what they are doing at their environment, but when can listen it from them directly, I have a vision why they did that. And it’s a good thing to hear and that’s inspire me in a way. Salute.

Also I got a chance to visit Ministry of Indonesia’s Education to meet with some new friends there. This is the place where I got a new story to me. I met with a friend who just graduated from SMK, some kind like a high school but more to engineer, who already got his international certification, CCNA. Wow, I shocked at that time for sure. How come? I never thought that SMK has gone that far! Yup, now SMK is not just a school with some machines engineer, but now they are schools with network and software engineer. Actually there are three subjects, but I can only remember two of them. I got big *hit* that time, but inspired me too, my friend from SMK got CCNA meanwhile me, an undergraduate’s degree certified, still haven’t got an international certification. Hopefully I can get one this year. Amien. I already read successful’s stories who also got his CCNA when in high school, but when you met them directly, it feels different, trust me. Wow, salute to them. ^:)^

So right now, SMKs already have an IT class with their own specialization, two of three are network and software engineer, not just more machines engineer. In SMK, IT students only school for two years before taking national examination to graduate, and in the third year they should take an international certification, like CCNA for network subject. Don’t know for other subjects what should they take in their third year. So, are you people from university’s graduate ready to compete with these students? It’s all up to you, but perhaps you should know, industries are some kind more prefer to international certification as their requirements to take staffs, not always but be safe. ;)

What a couple of days to start this new year, got a lot of inspiration from my own role models and a shocking news from SMK’s student with CCNA on his hand. What a great days to start. Hopefully, all of that can inspired me to be better this year. And I think this year I should take an approach to take a girl to be my girlfriend. It’s a period!


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    gra … ah gak jadi deh :P

    anyway, you go man! keep the spirit ;)

    Comment by aldi — January 8, 2006 @ 2:30 pm
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    Actually I want to share the spirit to all of you. We can get our spirit at our nearest place, which is our surroundings and one of that can be done by looking the positive side, not the negative ones, and sometime its come literally. At least by seeing that, we can do better than yesterday. If they can, why we can’t? just start with a litle thing first. So, Aldi, you can graduate this March! can you? ;)

    Comment by Bayu Notonegoro — January 9, 2006 @ 9:45 pm
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