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May 28, 2007

Gaya Penulisan Parodi dan Pesan di dalamnya

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Salah satu kesenangan saya di hari minggu adalah membaca sebuah rubrik yang terbit setiap hari minggu di surat kabar harian Kompas karya Samuel Mulia. Entah kenapa rubrik yang bernama Parodi ini selalu menarik untuk disimak, entah karena metode tulisannya ataupun isu-isu yang diangkat, yang terkadang menyentuh saya, baik dari kisah pribadinya penulis, termasuk sifatnya ataupun klien dan teman-temannya. Hehe.. btw, penasaran jadinya tentang reaksi teman-teman atau klien-kliennya yang ditulis yang bersangkutan ketika membaca rubrik tersebut?!? hehe..

Parodi yang terbit tanggal hari Minggu kemarin, 27 Mei, benar-benar menarik. Dari judulnya saja sudah menohok saya “Mendadak Bisu, Mendadak Tuli” yang mengingatkan bahwa saya sudah mengalaminya Jumat kemarin.. wakaka.. Poor me, menelefon teman, baiklah gebetan, namun tidak mendapat reaksi apa-apa setelah SMS tidak dibalas, yang cuma bisa membuat saya berpikiran positif bahwa pulsa yang bersangkutan sedang habis.. hehe.. Kenapa ya dia mendadak bisu dan tuli seperti itu, walaupun tidak mendadak buta karena email saya dibalas walau untuk sekadar menyenangkan saya.. :( keke.. :P


May 19, 2007

An article on SDA Asia Indonesia magazine

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On early May, afternoon, suddenly I got this message from a magazine’s editor through Y!M asking about:

He: Bayu, can I have your bank account’s number please?
Me: Why? What is it for?
He: Your article has published on SDA Asia Indonesia.
Me: Really?
He: Yes, really.
Me: On what edition is it?
He: It’s number 21 – 2007.
This is your title: “Meningkatkan Performansi Jaringan dengan Packet Sniffer”
Me: Thank God.
When it will be publish anyway?
He: It already published last week.
Me: Oh I see, cool.
He: Yes, now can I know it?
Me: Of course, I’ll send it by email.
What page is it?
He: On page 26 up to 29, with your photo at the end.

OK.. OK.. I’m going to far here.. hehe.. I made up the last two lines, but still you can see my photo there.. :P

So I went to a local book store, I saw the magazine, can’t believe what I have see that my article has been one of the cover stories. Hopefully, I don’t let you down all, if do or else having a question please don’t be hesitate to drop me an email. Hopefully too, I can reply you with my limitation of knowledge. :) And, hopefully too, my photo can cheer you up all. :D

May 18, 2007

A theatre tragedy

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I thought yesterday would be my perfect day, it was though but not that perfect. My activities were doing a marathon-movies and hang out with my friends. Actually my mind is between two things, whether doing a marathon-movies or mountain biking at Tajur Halang, Bogor, Indonesia, however since I felt my body is a little unwell and haven’t watch a national movie, Nagabonar jadi 2, so I decided to have a nice sit at a Pondok Indah Mall’s theatres.

First movie I watched was Spiderman 3. As I am not a movie critical or that maniac to pay attention on its details, for me it was a marvelous movie, cool. I have to admit some scenes on this movie almost made me cry a river, hey I’m a sensitive man :p, though I forget which scenes that made so. At this theatre the stupid perfect day happened. This couple sits next to me that made my day, especially the girl. As the movie rolling, that girl was trying to attend an English course by the theatre, every single word that the actors and actresses said this girl always try to re-pronounce the word. Bravo.. salute to you girl, your English is perfect.. excellent.. now can you stop? :D well, it’s not happening, the English course still happening until the end of the movie. This girl really knew how to take advantage of an English movie. Some predictions also been spoken out by this couple, discussed something unnecessary and to make it perfect, this same couple and shaming also picked up their cellular phones and talked out like there are no other people around them. I mean out as in loud. A “perfect” day wasn’t it? :(


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